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Residential Reinstatement

Here comes the end of the lease, and some of you might be familiar with the hassles that come with it - reinstating your rented home back to its original state before the landlord finally accepts the condition.

When it comes to reinstating residential homes, we understand that it could become quite an unnecessary hassle, if not handled, and more importantly, communicated properly.

Residential reinstatement may not be as large a project as a commercial building or factory, but it is important to follow the conditions set out and also the timeframe required. In most cases, the timeframe is crucial as required by the landlord, so that the next tenant may move in promptly without delay.

In addition to that, most residential homes can only be worked on during the day, making the timeframe tighter if not properly planned.

Looking for a reliable and experienced contractor to handle your residential reinstatement? Let ZQ Pte Ltd be the reliable contractor for you!

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At ZQ Pte Ltd, we have a pool of professional & well-trained staff are dedicated to provide professional and affordable quality services to our customers, that's why our staff are equipped and trained with the latest skills to do the perfect job for you, every step of the way!

You can be assured of quality and timely work completion. Contact us today and let's talk!

How We Do It / Our Approach

Step 1. Non-Obligatory On-site Survey & Quotation

We seek to first understand our customers concerns and situation by performing a non-obligatory on-site survey of the premises before providing an accurate quotation with the budget in mind.

Step 2. Project Planning & Work Execution

After understanding your timeframe and preferred working hours, we will then plan our resources in accordance to your timeline and our professional staff will adhere closely to the project deadline.

Step 3. Touch-Up & Clean-Up

Throughout the entire project phases, our professional staff will arrange for the proper disposal of any construction debris to adhere closely to NEA's regulations. Before handing over, we will perform a final clean-up of the premises once more.

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