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Commercial Reinstatement

It is a big project when it comes to commercial buildings reinstatement as it involves more intricate planning and execution every step of the way and it can turn into a nightmare if your contractor is not well-equipped to foresee the potential demands.

For commercial buildings, there are usually more alterations made to the premises, such as entire floors of false ceilings or floorings or a huge span of partition walls required to remove, or even dismantling of external works on the outside of commercial buildings.

As these projects are much larger in comparison to a single shop or residential homes, it requires the experience in proper and good planning of resources and close attention to the project phases timeline.

Being in this industry for 20 years, we have helped reinstated several commercial buildings and would be best equipped to help you with yours!

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At ZQ Pte Ltd, we have a pool of professional & well-trained staff are dedicated to provide professional and affordable quality services to our customers, that's why our staff are equipped and trained with the latest skills to do the perfect job for you, every step of the way!

You can be assured of quality and timely work completion. Contact us today and let's talk!

How We Do It / Our Approach

Step 1. Non-Obligatory On-site Survey & Quotation

We seek to first understand our customers concerns and situation by performing a non-obligatory on-site survey of the premises before providing an accurate quotation with the budget in mind.

Step 2. Project Planning & Work Execution

After understanding your timeframe and preferred working hours, we will then plan our resources in accordance to your timeline and our professional staff will adhere closely to the project deadline.

Step 3. Touch-Up & Clean-Up

Throughout the entire project phases, our professional staff will arrange for the proper disposal of any construction debris to adhere closely to NEA's regulations. Before handing over, we will perform a final clean-up of the premises once more.

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